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Star Anise - star anise, cinnamon, clove, vanilla and ground coffee goat milk soap 5oz bar


 If you're looking for a sweet, spicy, strong licorice aroma, look no further! You found it!  We've combined star anise, cinnamon, clove, vanilla and ground coffee to create a reminiscence of "fall baking".

This soap is also quite beneficial for people such as fishermen,chefs or GOAT LADIES  because it is strong enough to eliminate odor. Star Anise oil has some amazing properties for the skin. It is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkling properties, which makes this a great choice for dry or mature skin. Star anise is also known for its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, which helps makes this a wonderful soap for fighting bacteria or fungus on the skin.

Each skin lovin' bar contains: olive oil, soy oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, unrefined shea butter, ocean water, sodium hydroxide (lye), essential oil, fragrance oil and of course FARM FRESH GOATS MILK!


*handmade in small batches only to ensure luxurious skin nourishment!

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